about us


As HIQ NUTRITION, we started our journey 15 years ago. In the light of these experiences we have gained in Turkey, our products formulated in Germany are the products we have established in Istanbul. GMP and HCCP
With our production facility with advanced technology infrastructure, which has certificates, it has started to meet you with the permission of the TR Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry since 2020. Our raw material formulation, which is beyond the Latest Technology and European Standards that we use in our products we sell online, has firmly laid its foundation as the most important part of our understanding of quality.


Our understanding of quality and operational excellence in our products is HIQ NUTRITION In line with its mission and goals, it has made a difference in all of Turkey and has led it to continue to grow. With this understanding of excellence, we adapt the value we give to sports and athletes with all our customers, together with a family of 72,000 people, in line with our sectoral experience, and we are currently offering you more than 25 product options. In line with our close targets, it is to bring together the products that could not even be done in Turkey and in the world before R&D studies, with you, the esteemed TURKISH NATION. Keep following us to get news of our new products.